Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Skunks, Spring Bike Rides and Lawn Help!

We awoke to the smell of skunk in the yard, car and house.  The smell was gone by the time we got home from school..... Thank Goodness!  When I got to school, I told one of my co-workers we got skunked this morning.... she asked me what I did.  I told her - we left!  What else could I do at 7am in the morning?

Mary and I went for a walk this afternoon before dinner (and yes - we had egg salad!  yuk!).  Nadia came with us.  We had a beautiful bike ride to Pebbleshire.  The trees are wonderful and the air was crisp and cool.  It was a perfect excursion for a beautiful April evening.  When Mary and I finally do move - we will miss this place.

Lawn help - I almost forgot.  My young neighbor stopped by and asked if he could mow my lawn this summer.  I said absolutely!  I asked him how much - because I've never paid anyone to mow a lawn (that's what Husbands are for).  The price is $20.  I said - you've got a deal.  I told him that I don't want the lawn mowed often - about once a month!  I live in the middle of no where.  He said fine and he's going to rake my leaves sometime this week.  21 oak trees worth of leaves for 20 bucks.  I think I'll pay him 21 bucks.  That sounds so cheap - $1 a tree!  Oak trees have tons of leaves.  I'll post more later about the yard clean up.


Grandmom Mc said...

How beautiful is that! Love the scenery/

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