Friday, December 31, 2010

First Project of the New Year.... DONE!

I've been working on these gloves for Dean for a year now.  They turned out pretty well.  I think they will be part of next year's Christmas gifts.  I want to use them for a prototype in order to make gloves for Nathan and the rest.  Maybe next year... everyone might get handmade mittens or gloves.  ; )  Maybe

Meet Julie.... a fun loving girl of the 70s

Julie and Emily have a sleepover!

Julie wearing her calico dress

Mary and Julie

Mary decorated a box to hold Julie's clothes!

Inside of box ~ all neatly organized!

Mary is loving her new American Girl doll from Santa.  Momma is loving it too since Julie is 10 and the year is 1974.  I remember the styles, the games and the fun.  This doll has opened up conversations between Mary and me about the bicentennial, school yard games and fashion.  I don't know who is having more fun ~ Mary or Me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year in advance! ; )

Christmas is past and New Years in around the corner.  My favorite week of the year... time to sit, sew, knit and think about future.  I'm eager to blog again and hopefully for the first few months of the year ... I will be prompt.  I'm trying to finish up a pair of gloves for Dean, a sweater for myself and leg warmers for Mary.  If only I could finish them as quickly as I can think of them.

Mary is doing beautifully in Ballet this year.  She loves her teacher and is doing very well.  Twice a year, the East Pointe Ballet Company puts on two ballets.  The Christmas Ballet was called the Christmas Fairy.  Mary was a ballerina doll.  She looked beautiful.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I still haven't posted.  We had a wonderful holiday. Both Kate and Anna made the trip to West Virginia. 

Enjoy the pictures of my students working.  These pictures were taken in October, also.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treat or Treat at Bonnie's House!

Momma & Mary
Andrew as Mater

Mary's Birthday Party!

Mary had the perfect day for her 9th Birthday Party.  Once again, we had an outdoor harvest theme.  The kids carved pumpkins, played in the leaves and had a scavenger hunt.  We had hot dogs, chili, miniature pumpkin cakes and homemade ice cream.  Mary had 4 friends attend.... Katie, Charly, Jacob and Ben.  Everyone had a good time.

New Creek Volunteer Fireman save Charlie Cat

The volunteer firemen worked for about a hour and 30 minutes.  Charlie was very timid.  At one point he jumped and the fireman caught him mid-air and brought him down safely.  Charlie was very glad to be out of the tree.  I hope he doesn't plan to get into mischief again anytime soon.

Charlie Cat stuck in Tree for 3 full Days!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bike ride from Frostburg to Cumberland

Mary and I had an enjoyable day this past Saturday riding our bikes along the Great Allegheny Passage.  It was a perfect day.  Mary and I hope to ride the trail again soon.  She most definitely needs a new bike this spring.  Mary is growing like a bad weed.  ; )

Suzie's Basket Quilt

Mary is always in my quilt pictures.... the little cutie!
I can't remember when I started this quilt.  I think it was in 2006 or something like that.  I finished the top in 2008.  The quilt is finally finished and on my bed.  I think it is one of my favorites.  I made pillowcases to go with it and have red sheets.  It is very cheerful and kinda Christmasy. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday! Grandma

Mary made the sign just for Grandma!  Have a terrific day of October 8th!

Charlie Cat had to join in the fun!  as usual!

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

The Pink Cadillac Diner

I forgot to mention the Pink Cadillac Diner.  It was the yummiest burger I have eaten in a long time.  A 50's diner with Elvis memorabilia everywhere.  Mary loved it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy weekend for Mary and Momma

Hi Family.... We're back.  Sorry for the long delay in getting our blog up and running this school year.  The first 6 weeks in over.... only 5 to go.  Mary had perfect attendance (she has no choice!).  I am loving my classes once again.... some how I am always blessed with the best kids.  ; )

We made a road trip to Foamhenge on Saturday with Charly and Roy.  It really was a mystic experience.  The weather was perfect and we got there at just the right time for eerie shadows.

Today - we went to the Apple Harvest Festival in Burlington.  It was a small festival with good food and good music.  Mary and I are working on School work at the moment and then tonight we have bible student and Awana.  It was an exhausting weekend but well worth the effort.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mary's new haircut for school!

Mary desperately needed a haircut in order to remove all of the chlorine damage.  We went short and sassy.  We've been playing alot of tether ball this past weekend.  Mary has finally learned to stay out of the path of the ball.  It was impossible to take a picture with Mary standing still.  The action shots turned out very cute.  I love the haircut and the best thing about hair is.... it grows and we can try something new and different next time.  ; )