Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perfect Saturday @ the National Zoo

 Mary, Charly, Roy and I had a Springtime Saturday adventure.  We drove to the nation's capital to go to the zoo.  I thought that the drive was going to be long and difficult but it was actually a very beautiful pleasant drive.  The red buds were in bloom along with the forsythia.  The kids were great.  We stopped half way at a Denny's for breakfast.  Mary brought along Sir Chum Chums her toy hamster.  The girls enjoyed showing him around the zoo.  It was fun introducing him to a variety of wildlife.  We only had a few mishaps in DC traffic but arrived at the zoo calm and ready for fun.

We saw the PANDA.  It was actually out!  I have been going to this zoo since the 80s and the Panda is never out.  Roy took an amazing photo of Mei Xixang - the male panda.  The bird exhibit was my favorite.  We stayed until around 3pm and then headed home.  The traffic leaving DC was a little hairy but we managed ok.  Once again, the drive through the mountains back to West Virginia was beautiful.

I saw an Elk Farm for sale - Cheap.  I have to look into that.  ; )  You never know.


Roy Boyle said...

Regarding the elk farm. You are insane! You ought to try a hamster farm with Sir Chum Chums as the spokesperson. You know, like the gecko for Geico. If that works, go for larger mammals, like guinea pigs.

Grandmom Mc said...

Loved the pictures. Good picture of the four of you. Thought the pictures of the peacock and the animals were great. Someone is an excellent photographer!

Suzie said...

I took the peacock pictures. Roy took the panda shot and most of the animals.

Janet said...

Glad to see that Sir Chum Chums didn't become YUM-Yum for the Panda or the other animals! I agree...GREAT pictures! I bet you all had a great time. :)

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