Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Day of School!

Today is the last day of school and the beginning of summer vacation for Mary.  I have to work until Friday.  Mary had a wonderful year and made many new friends.  It's hard to believe that little baby Mary has just finished 2nd grade.  Where has the time gone?  In a year.... she'll be taller than Bonnie. 

Our summer is going to be very busy.  First we have the wedding and Vacation Bible School and Bonnie's church!  We can't wait to spend time in Chambersburg finishing up on last minute wedding preparations.  In addition we want to travel to North Carolina and Tennessee to visit Kate, Nathan and Sara.... plus travel to Virginia to visit Aunt Barbie.  We've been planning a camping trip but need to buy a tent and find the courage to camp by ourselves. 

Mary has a week at Camp Blue Diamond!  and will be spending a week at her Dad's in addition to her regular visits. 

It is going to be a very busy summer.  School starts August 16th.  We are planning on having the best summer vacation ever.

Mary took a white t-shirt to school to be signed on Friday.  All  her friends and teachers signed it.  It turned out adorable.  She wore it today with a big smile.

Her summertime sandals arrived on Saturday.  They are purple and perfect for the summer heat.  I love summer because I don't have to wash socks anymore!  Kate wanted to see a picture of the sandals.  Here they are!  Don't worry Bonnie - she'll have a pedicure before the wedding!

Mary and I have missed everyone this past year.  We are looking forward to seeing as many of our family and friends that we can.  Enjoy the day!. 


Grandmom Mc said...

I love that shirt! I want those shoes!

Kate said...

I want the shoes too!

Grandmom Mc said...

I said it first!

Kate said...

We can share a pair!

Grandmom Mc said...

Good idea, Katie.

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