Thursday, June 9, 2011

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte spinning her web!

Best Friends Dance with Charlotte and Wilbur

Charlotte and Wilbur
I can't believe that I almost forgot to post pictures taken during Mary's star performance as Charlotte from Charlotte's Web.  It was fantastic.  The school Parent Volunteer Coordinator is trying to arrange another performance for children and parents at our school.  I will post more information in the fall.

New couch delivered on Tuesday!

I think my pillows and quilts look great with the couch.  It is a bit dark and I didn't notice that in the showroom but I think I'll like it for now.  It is very comfortable!

Introducing Chelsea Lou

Summer has begun!

Mary and I enjoying lunch on our front porch last weekend.  We are loving the new grill and have been grilling every night!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome Maggie! Mary has a new pet!

Mary and I had an exciting Saturday in Pennsylvania with Bonnie and Dean.  We met a new friend @ PetSmart!  Maggie the Guinea Pig!  She is adorable and very young.  We just had to have her!  Hopefully, she will be a wonderful addition to our home.  Charlie Cat is being very cautious at the moment .... hopefully he will behave himself.