Friday, May 7, 2010

Charlie Cat has surgery! Poor Kitty

Charlie Cat had been feeling poorly.  He had been very temperamental and not quite himself.  When Anna got home from Pitt she noticed something on the tip of his tail.  However, it wasn't something on the tip of his tail - it was his exposed tail bone.  Och!  The vet said to imagine slamming your finger in a door and when you pulled it out - you were missing the flesh and skin off your finger tip.  That's what Charlie Cat did to his tail.  He is feeling much better now.  He is happy, able to sleep and is just perfectly content.  The vet took off about an inch of his tail.  His new name is Charlie C. Stubbs, esq.  - Charlie Cat Stubbs, esq.

I took a picture of the exposed tail bone but it is too graphic to share.  I'm posting pictures of Charlie after his surgery.  The bandage is to stay on until it falls off in about a week or so.


Grandmom Mc said...

The bandage looks like a quilt! Sorry Charlie.

Grandmom Mc said...

Sorry, Charlie. Ijust showed this picture to Dad (Grandpa). We are still laughing.

3guysMom said...

Charlie's a laid back kind of a guy. I'm sure it will be just another story to tell the cats at the bar.

Suzie said...

You are probably right! He is much happy now - it must be the pain meds.

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