Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bonnie visits West Virginia with Geno!

Bonnie and Geno arrived in Keyser around 12:30 on Friday.  I had meetings until 3:30 but Mary, Geno and Bonnie were able to spend the afternoon at home.  Mary introduced Geno to her neighborhood friend, Nadia.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  Ray picked Mary up at 3:45 to spend the weekend in Hollidaysburg.  Bonnie and I are enjoying each others company and hanging out.  We went for a nice walk and I showed her Pebbleshire and made her take a short cut through the forbidden field.  We made it - no gun shots!

Today we plan to make pickled eggs for Dean, sew a bit and continue to enjoy each others company.  Geno and Charlie are slowly beginning to get along.  They are kinda jealous of each other.  I just let Charlie Cat in the house and the first thing he did was eat Geno's food.


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