Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy weekend for Mary and Momma

Hi Family.... We're back.  Sorry for the long delay in getting our blog up and running this school year.  The first 6 weeks in over.... only 5 to go.  Mary had perfect attendance (she has no choice!).  I am loving my classes once again.... some how I am always blessed with the best kids.  ; )

We made a road trip to Foamhenge on Saturday with Charly and Roy.  It really was a mystic experience.  The weather was perfect and we got there at just the right time for eerie shadows.

Today - we went to the Apple Harvest Festival in Burlington.  It was a small festival with good food and good music.  Mary and I are working on School work at the moment and then tonight we have bible student and Awana.  It was an exhausting weekend but well worth the effort.


Grandmom Mc said...

I love the design of your blog. Pictures were nice to see.

Kate said...

I also like the design of the blog. And Mary's hair is looking cute and a lot like mine.

Suzie said...

Mary curled her hair herself last weekend. It looks cute every day. We love you, Kate!

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