Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trip to Virginia

Mary and I left for Suffolk, Virginia on July 6th.  We had a wonderful busy week.  We were able to spend time with loved ones and finish Kate's duvet cover.  Wednesday morning we met with Claire, Grace, Sam and Max and the pottery shop.  The kids had a fun time paint and creating individual pieces of art.  Kate arrived from Raleigh on Wednesday night.  Thursday, Kate gave Mary private swimming lessons.  Mary is doing extremely well and Kate is a wonderful teacher.... tough but good.  Thursday night Kate, Mary and I had dinner with the McCrarys.  Dinner was very yummy.  Mary spent the night in order to have more time with her cousins.  On Friday, we finished our project.  Kate had to leave for home around 4pm.  Mary and I left in the morning and arrived tired but happy around 4:15.  Saturday was a long day. 


Grandmom Mc said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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