Monday, March 22, 2010

The first Day of Spring!

Spring is finally here. Mary and I spent the first day of spring in Hollidaysburg visiting Friends. (Happy Birthday, Ev!). We went to the park and had the best time. We played on the jungle gym, the tire swing and the slides. I think everyone should spend the first day of spring at the park with Friends. In addition to the play park - we were able to explore the riverbank. The water was still high but not as high as it was. Mary and her friend Charly built a house for fairies out of stones and sand. It was a huge undertaking but they did a good job.

Sunday morning, Mary found coltsfoot growing in our yard. She picked me a bunch of flowers.... everyone she could find. We had a discussion about letting them grow in the yard so that they will come back next year. From now on, Mary will try and take pictures of the flowers instead of picking them. It is sometimes too tempting and we pick them anyway. Coltsfoot is a charming little flower that blooms in early spring. It is an herb and was used as an expectorant long ago. It is named coltsfoot for it's horse shoe shaped leaves.


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